An Exhaustive Course is offered at T.I.M.E. for CBSE Curriculum which is strictly in conformity with NCF 2005 and NCERT Guidelines.

The curriculum has been framed as per the directives of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, imparting Value Based Education that helps create independent, free - thinking individuals who will combine service with excellence. T.I.M.E. ensures that the students are well prepared for their Formative & Summative Assessments by using the tools of evaluation and marking schemes as prescribed by the CBSE Council.

The batch size is restricted so that the students get individual attention from the teachers. Recruitment of teachers is done under strict scrutiny giving closer attention to overall quality.

Children learn in a variety of ways-through experience, making and doing things, experimentation, reading, discussion, asking, listening, thinking and reflecting, and expressing themselves both in speech and writing. At T.I.M.E. we provide opportunities of all these kinds in the course of their development. Learning at T.I.M.E is paced so that it allows learners to engage with concepts and deepen understanding.

We ensure continuous & comprehensive evaluation of students in Form of Unit Test, Cumulative Test & Mock Test, which help us reveal the strengths & weakness of learners more frequently, so that the learners have better opportunity to understand & improve themselves. It also provides feedback to the teachers for modifying their teaching strategies.